Last Updated: 08.15.2011
8-15-2011: Well that was disappointing. It's been almost a whole year since I last touched this website... Weird. Anyway, I'm coming back, yet again, with a revamp of the website layout and new pages! Though, I've restarted again so we're back to only having 3 pages and it's all hand drawn with pencil instead of with the computer. Why? Because as much as I love my stylus, I love my pencil and paper more. I agree that it doesn't look perfect, perhaps one day, when I can afford to buy a newer version of Photoshop I will try to draw it again digitally...but for now, it will be hand drawn and scanned in. This should also help to speed pages along because I won't need to be near a computer to work on them, yay. Anyway, enjoy, I'll be back soon....I hope.

8-19-2010: There will be a slight delay for page 6 as I just started working full time for two weeks this week so I don't have the free time I did before. So, for the next two weeks, updates will occur on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. See you soon. =)

8-12-2010: Page 5 is up! I feel like I'm moving too slowly...perhaps not giving enough information? Let me know, please, if you are confused! >_<

8-11-2010: So, exactly a year later I'm finally getting back to Demon Song. I let go of cause I didn't want to pay for it anymore when I don't update like I should so here we are now at a new location, Whoo! Also, some really good news: First, Demon Song has a new layout! Secondly, There's currently 4 pages completed and Volume 1 and Chapter 1 cover page!! Whoo! Go me and being productive! I must say, writing out the story to the best of my ability in a text document is definitely helping. Enjoy. =D
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